Anqi Li, photographer (1993 born in Xi’an), lives and works in Shanghai. She retains exceptional balance and hybrid between fashion photography and fine art photography. Her distinguished approach has made her come to light in fashion photography. Li deploys the visual language of fashion photography and cinematic narrative in her art creation by applying minimal set-up, but delivers sophisticated scenarios and tension. She is inspired by arthouse movies, literature, and painting, and translates them into vibrant characters, body language, and vivid colours. By using the medium of photography, Li explores the boundaries between the real and the fictional, the reality and the fantasy. She invariably experiments on the possibilities of the representation delivered through image language.
Anqi Li graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a MA in Art and Design. During her residence in New Zealand, she had collaborated with multiple fashion brands, artists, and magazines.

李安琪,摄影师,1993年出生于西安,目前工作生活于上海。她在艺术摄影与时尚摄影领域之间保持着良好的平衡与融合,鲜明的个人风格也使她在时尚摄影界崭露头角,并擅长在作品中体现时尚摄影语言与电影式的叙事性,以简洁的场景设置传达细致的叙事情节和张力。她的创作灵感大多来自艺术电影、 文学、以及绘画,并将其转译为鲜明的角色形象塑造、肢体语言、和明快的色彩。她通过摄影作为媒介去探讨真实与虚构、现实与幻想之间的边界,并不断对图像语言所能传达的信息的可能性进行尝试。
李安琪曾在新西兰奥克兰理工大学进修, 并荣获荣誉硕士学位,并在此期间与当地的时装品牌、艺术家、 杂志都曾有过深度合作。




Camus / Double  Solo Eexhibition 2020     Shanghai,China
FujixSpace 2020  Shanghai,China
Photo Fair Shanghai 2019   Shanghai, China
Auckland Art Festival 2017   Auckland,New Zealand
White Night 2016    Auckland,New Zealand
The Initiates Graduates Exhibition 2017     Auckland,New Zealand